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Results and Photos


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JANUARY - Race Dates

Hill and DaleView ResultsView Photos1/4/2014
WORS - 3KView ResultsView Photos1/5/2014
Holiday PartyView Photos1/11/2014
Lisa Lassandrello 5KView ResultsView Photos1/25/2014
WORS - 5kView ResultsView Photos1/26/2014

FEBRUARY - Race Dates

Mike Cody 4-Mile ClassicView ResultsView Photos2/1/2014
WORS - 8K - Album 1View ResultsView Photos2/9/2014
WORS - 8K - Album 2
View Photos2/9/2014
Move It Memphis 10K & 5KView ResultsView Photos2/15/2014
WORS 10K Album 1View ResultsView Photos2/16/2014
WORS 10K Album 2View Photos2/16/2014
WORS - FinalView Results2/16/2014
Bartlett Valentine 5K Run/WalkView ResultsView Photos2/22/2014
Bartlett Valentine 10K RunView ResultsView Photos2/22/2014

MARCH - Race Dates

Chucalissa Relic Run 5KView ResultsView Photos3/1/2014
Daffodil Dash 3 MilerView ResultsView Photos3/8/2014
Spring Mile & Kids Run View ResultsView Photos3/9/2014
Germantown Half MarathonView ResultsView Photos3/16/2014
Mayor's Cup 5KView ResultsView Photos3/17/2013
John "Baddog" McCormack 5KView ResultsView Photos3/22/2014
Hope House 5k - Xcled - ThunderstormsView Results3/28/2014
In His Steps 5KView ResultsView Photos3/29/2014
Bunny Run 5K Album 1View ResultsView Photos3/30/2013
Bunny Run 5K Album 2View Photos3/30/2013

APRIL - Race Dates

Margie Dowell 5K Race For UnityView ResultsView Photos4/5/2014
Memphis Catholic Education That Works Out 5KView ResultsView Photos4/6/2014
Killer Kudzu 5KView Results
Youth Villages 5K View Results
Youth Villages 10 MilerView Results
Earth Day 5KView ResultsView Photos4/21/2013
Zero Prostate Cancer RunView ResultsView Photos4/27/2013

MAY - Race Dates

NAACP Fund Run 5KView Results5/4/2013
Oak Hall Run For St. JudeView ResultsView Photos5/5/2013
Junior League of Memphis 5K for KidsView ResultsView Photos5/11/2013
Rylee's Run 5KView ResultsView Photos5/17/2013
Medicine in May 5KView ResultsView Photos5/18/2013
Zoom Through the Zoo 4-MilerView ResultsView Photos5/23/2013

JUNE - Race Dates

Harbortown 5kView ResultsView Photos6/7/2013
Israel Festival 5KView ResultsView Photos6/9/2013
Gibson Guitar 5K - Album 1View ResultsView Photos6/15/2013
Gibson Guitar 5K - Album 2
View Photos6/15/2013
Ultimate 10K & 5K - Album 1View ResultsView Photos6/22/2013
Ultimate 10K & 5K - Album 2View Photos6/22/2013
Quarterly MembershipMeeting & ElectionsView ResultsView Photos6/23/2013
Civitan 5KView ResultsView Photos6/29/2013

JULY - Race Dates

View Photos7/1/2013
Stars and Stripes 5KView Results
WRWM Week 1
View Photos7/8/2013
Hope 5KView ResultsView Photos7/13/2013
RRS - 1st 5KView ResultsView Photos7/14/2013
WRWM Week 2View Photos7/15/2013
Design-A-Wish 5KView ResultsView Photos7/20/2013
WRWM Week 3
View Photos7/22/2013
Strategic Financial Partners 5KView ResultsView Photos7/27/2013
RRS - 2nd 5KView ResultsView Photos7/28/2013
WRWM Week 4
View Photos7/29/2013

AUGUST - Race Dates

Overton Park 5-Mile ClassicView ResultsView Photos8/3/2013
WRWM Week 5View Photos8/5/2013
Celebrate Munford 5KView ResultsView Photos8/10/2013
RRS - 1st 5MView ResultsView Photos8/11/2013
WRWM Week 6
View Photos8/12/2013
Elvis Presley 5kView ResultsView Photos8/17/2013
Bardog 5K Album 1View ResultsView Photos8/18/2013
Bardog 5K Album 2
View Photos8/18/2013
WRWM Week 7View Photos8/19/2013
Celebrity Sunset 5kView Results8/23/2013
RRS - 2nd 5MView ResultsView Photos8/25/2013
WRWM Week 8View Photos8/26/2013

SEPTEMBER - Race Dates

Women Run/Walk Memphis GraduationView ResultsView Photos9/7/2013
RRS - 1st 10KView ResultsView Photos9/8/2013
Cooper Young 4-MilerView Results9/13/2013
Fedex 5K & Fun RunView ResultsView Photos9/15/2013
Steeplechase 5KView Results9/20/2013
Book It 5KView Results9/21/2013
RRS - 2nd 10KView ResultsView Photos9/22/2013
Sole to Soul 5kView Results

OCTOBER - Race Dates

RRS - 1st 10 MilerView ResultsView Photos10/6/2013
LeBonheur Pumpkin Run 5KView ResultsView Photos10/12/2013
Shelby farms Greenline Half MarathonView ResultsView Photos10/13/2013
Quarterly Membership & Kids Run
View Photos10/13/2013
Fast & Furriest 5KView ResultsView Photos10/19/2013
RRS - 2nd 10 MilerView ResultsView Photos10/20/2013

NOVEMBER - Race Dates

Race for Grace 5kView ResultsView Photos11/2/2013
RRS - 1st Half MarathonView ResultsView Photos11/3/2013
Race For EducationView Results
Meowathon 5kView ResultsView Photos11/16/2013
RRS - 2nd Half Marathon - Album 1View ResultsView Photos11/17/2013
RRS - 2nd Half Marathon - Album 2
View Photos11/17/2013
MRC Recovery Run 5KView ResultsView Photos11/30/2013

DECEMBER - Race Dates

Memphis St. Jude MarathonView Results12/2/2012
Memphis St. Jude Half-MarathonView Results12/2/2012
Memphis St. Jude Grizzlies House 5kView Results12/2/2012
Starry 4KView Results12/15/2012
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